Express yourself without saying a word

Actually talking to people can be very blerghh. But expressing your introverted side in the form of fun, stylish (and honest) introvert merch? Heck yeah!

Find out for yourself just how amazing it feels to own your introversion and dropkick guilt and shame out of your life forever. Kapow!

Clean clothing

100% organic cotton & recycled materials. Fair working conditions.

Eco-friendly inks

Water-based and certified.

No plastic

No plastic products or packaging.

International shipping

We ship all around the world.


The environment and your health is important to us. We want to provide you with clean products that are made with respect for your health and the environment.

– Our clothing is 100% organic cotton and recycled materials
– Our designs are printed with water-based inks
– We have a zero plastic policy
– Art prints are made from eco-friendly paper.

We give you special and exclusive designs that aren’t sold in any other shop. We design everything in our store ourselves and constantly come up with new designs to give you a wide array of great looks to choose from. Find your new favorite today.

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You’re also welcome to contact us and request certain styles or themes. We’re always open to new ideas and we want to know what our fellow introverts are looking for. 

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